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Hi, This is my blog.  I will be documenting my new business venture in domain drop catching; My main aim is to catch a fair few decent generic product/term domain names for long term development. My aim is to get ten sites earning £100 a month over the next year along with selling on some caught names to pay the bills along the way!

I will be posting observations, things I’m trying out and anything related to me or the business here for you to read and leave a comment of suggestion or criticism if you wish. I’ve recently got my nominet membership,tag & DAC and I’ve just signed up for two months trying out a pretty new script so hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll start to catch a few names.

I have been talking about getting into drop catching for a long time now and I’m really excited about the prospect of getting into some decent web development with some good names. Thanks goes to Darren @ Goldfrog Domain Solutions and all the people at Acorn Domains that have helped so far.

Check back regularly for my latest catches, ideas and views on the domain and development world.